• Project: Conceptual urban-architectural solution KTK complex
  • Location: Visoko, BiH
  • Program: Residential-business settlement
  • Year: 2017
  • Status: project
  • Client: private
  • Size: XL 23 000 m²

At the confluence of the Bosna and Fojnica rivers, there is a residential-business complex KTK. Positioned in the central city zone, on the place of the former factory of leather products KTK.
The social and historical context, and natural spatial characteristics are the basic design inputs.
The KTK complex consists of several residential and business units organized around three squares. The central and accent point of the space is the chimney of the old factory, and the views from the city center to the complex are enabled. The residential-business complex is designed as a pedestrian area, and stationary traffic is planned in underground floors.
Except the old factory chimney, it will be retained two smaller facilities (originally administrative buildings), which are intended to serve as a leather museum and trade shop.