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Buba E-A

  • Project: Buba E-A
  • Location: Rajlovac, Sarajevo
  • Program: Administration offices
  • Year: 2020
  • Status: Built
  • Client: Euro-Asfalt doo, Sarajevo
  • Built area:  320 m2

The project of upgrading the administrative headquarters of Euro-Asfalt Sarajevo was conditioned by a number of different factors.

It was necessary to keep the existing facilities and avoid disruption of the existing work process in them. Futhermore, the load-bearing elements of the upgraded part had to be designed as a separate structure above the existing facilities.

The imposed factors and conditions for the process of construction as well as the requirements of the investors resulted in a building with a specific constructive solution.

The primary structure elements are in-line steel gratings (total span 27.00m) supported by two reinforced concrete girders, and cantilever overhangs are 4m, on both sides.