Building 28

Project: Mili House
Location: Sarajevo, BiH
Program: Administrative-educational facility
Year: 2022
Status: Conceptual project
Client: University of Sarajevo
Size: M 2800 m2

Building 28 is an old boiler house built for the needs of the former Marshal Tito Barracks in Sarajevo. The building has dimensions of 16x32m and has “P+3” floors. It is divided into two parts, the administrative part and the boiler part. In the new solution, indications of the previous function of the object are retained.
The new facility is designed as an educational, administrative, innovation and multimedia space available to students and employees of the University of Sarajevo. It consists of three units: a group of public contents, an area of ​​semi-public contents and internal spaces. The facility should become a recognizable design entity, with all-day functions, which are connected to the open space in front of the facility.
The concept is based on the principle of duality and interweaving: old – new part, public-private and open-closed spaces… Two volumes “overlap” in the building. In one of the volumes – the existing part of the building – there are administrative spaces, primarily internal contents. While the second, newly designed, is intended for public spaces, which are repeated one above the other. Projecting tries to think in parallel about the spatial experience and the set concept.
The solution is the synthesis of two volumes and the associated functions, and through an analytical and subtle approach to design, the connection between the global and local language of architecture is attempted. By moving through the ramp, it is possible to experience different sequences of space and to always be part of the network of events in the building. The ramp leads us from the library area, the cafeteria, to the multimedia halls, it takes us past the perforated facade on one side and the offices on the other.