House N

  • Project: House N
  • Location: Visoko, B&H
  • Program: Residential building
  • Year: 2020
  • Status: Built
  • Client: Private
  • Built area:  600 m2

House N, is located in the Hadžijina voda neighborhood in Visoko. With its size and position in relation the street, the privacy of the house is not interrupted.

The building is characterized by simple volumes, where the focal point is the first floor cantilever which rests on the stone covered first floor walls. Furthemore, the roof slope connects the first floor of the building with the terrace behind, giving a characteristic shape to the object. All precipitation is collected on the terrace area and with the help of steel girders (pillars), which are also serving as gutters leading further into the sewer system.

The special feature of the house is reflected in its program – hidden in the basement of the house. The basement includes a swimming pool with an adjacent sauna, fitness room, and a wine cellar. Following is the first floor, where the living room creates a central space of the building.  The living room extends through two floors connecting the gallery study room with the kitchen, dining room and living room. Furthermore, with the use of large glass portals and wooden floors in the living room, a visuall continuity to the outside terrace which leads towards the garden area is created.

The garden space is characterized by two elements, the dominant grass surface and the centrally placed green island with a variety of tall and low vegetation. The garden adds value to the building and a quality that is rare today for homes in city centers.