Sports and recreational pool Bihać

  • Project: Kuća Mili
  • Location: Bihać, BiH
  • Program: Sportsko – rekreativni bazen
  • Year: 2022
  • Status: idejni projekat
  • Client: Grad Bihać
  • Size: M 600 m2

The concept derives from the shape of the plot and the formation of a volume adapted to the entrance sequence with the square in front of the building. The building of the sports and recreational pool is surrounded on three sides by neighboring buildings and roads, the solution closes the building towards them and opens towards the square.

The basic determinant of the volume of the building is the characteristic line grid, adapted to the functional requirements of the space and the surrounding heights of the building. In the central area of the building there are swimming pools, which are continued by the grandstand area, further connected to the central hall and the outer courtyard-square. The project seeks to achieve continuity and fluidity of space, which visually loses the boundaries between open and closed-interior space.

In relation to the existing ambience and environment, the project is oriented towards the square in front of the building and the south side, achieving a connection between interior and exterior space. The square is an extension of the pool area and outdoor foyer.